• Biography/Exhibitions/Publications

    Lillian Cartwright was born in New York and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Queens College. She received her MA from the University of Illinois and her PhD. in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. She studied art in New York (Art Students League and Pratt Institute) and in California (San Francisco Art Institute).

    She lives in Mendocino, CA where she is a practicing artist, writer, and educator. The British psychoanalyst, Donald Winnicott informs her writing and painting. The CHAIR series metaphorically explores relationships—closeness, absence, nostalgia, deconstruction, and search.


    Solo shows:

    1999: University of California, San Francisco, CA

    1999: University Club, San Francisco, CA

    2000: Mindful Body, San Francisco, CA

    2000: Coleman Advocates, San Francisco, CA

    2003: Chatterbox Gallery, San Francisco, CA

    2007: Hardware Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA

    Group Shows

    2002: Ardency Gallery, Group Show TAO (Teachers of Art Organization)

    2003: Office of Mayor J. Brown, Cultural Center, Oakland Group Show of Leading Painters from Oakland Galleries

    2003: San Francisco Public Library, Jewett Gallery, TAO

    2004-2013: Mendocino Biennial Figure Drawing Collective; group shows multiple venues

    2005: Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute Alumni Show

    2005: SomaArts Main Gallery: TAO Group Show

    2008-2013: Odd Fellows Hall, Mendocino, CA, multiple group shows

    2010- 2013: Mendocino Art Center, multiple juried members’ shows

    ART Writings

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    Publications: Health Psychology (Selected list)

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